This past Friday we had a great tasting with two guys visiting from Barcelona. Actually they were two Catalunians who were friends from Barcelona, but one lives in London these days. Regardless, the majority of the time we give tastings in English, so it was a pleasant change to do in Spanish this time. And interestingly, the usual crowd pleaser HOM Espumante was overshadowed by the Torrontés that night.

“It’s always nice to discover something new,” one of them remarked as they were then intrigued to find out that the now quintessentially Argentine white varietal originally is thought to have come from Spain.

Talk spread to how they’ve been really enjoying the meat and parrillas here to how European Buenos Aires feels to them. We ended the evening with their personal favorites, the Don Juan Reserve from Las Perdices, and in my opinion, a pretty great way to end a tasting. (Or start a Friday night…)