I fell in love with Malbec when I came to Argentina in 2004. I decided to stay for my fiancée, Lourdes, who now is my right arm in managing the day to day business of Anuva. We created this wine club and wine tasting service with my partner Yuji (web guru, jack of all trades) because we all felt such inspiration from the gorgeous Malbec, Torrontés, Bonarda and other wines coming out of Argentina now.

My background in wine tasting began for real when I was 21, and first visited, by accident, many of the most important wine making regions in the world from Bordeaux to Provence in France, all over Spain and finally through Italy where I drank and tasted many a wine. On my extremely limited budget, though, I could not afford any of the famous premier cru wines and found many of the affordable and inexpensive wines to be quite acidity and difficult to drink.

I then continued tasting and experimenting leisurely until I came to Argentina and was blown away by the price to quality relationship in the wines. I then started a tasting journal, that has now expanded to hundreds of wines from Argentina (and I will admit some from other regions as well). But never has a wine spoken to me more than a good Malbec. Malbec spoke to me so much, that I started Anuva Wines in order to spread the word, especially with respect to the small producer in Argentina.

Argentina has over 1000 wineries that produce many thousands of different wines. When I started in 2005, only about 14% of these were exported (Why? Because they drink it all!). Now in 2008 exports have nearly tripled in volume as the world in awakening to the riches–or the economy, rather–of Argentine wine.

Not only did I fall in love with Malbec, but I fell in love with Torrontés. A very aromatic, floral wine that is best grown in the Salta and La Rioja regions of Argentina, this wine had everything I had always been looking for. A sweet nose but dry in the mouth with enough acidity to clean the palate but not so much as to linger in your throat.

Then I began to experience Malbec from all over Argentina. The principle regions in Argentina for growing Malbec (and about 80% of the wine produced in the country) comes from Mendoza. Mendoza has 4 main winemaking regions: Maipú, Lujan de Cuyo, Valle de Uco and San Rafael. Malbecs from these regions vary greatly but not as greatly as Malbec from Mendoza compared to Malbec from Salta. The classic Mendoza Malbec, if young, will take on fruit forward qualities (like plum especially) accompanied by light spice like clove. But when grown in Salta, Malbec can become quite earthy and take on an almost medicinal quality in addition to being a bit more tannic.

Amazing amounts of investment is now pouring into many of the wine making regions of Argentina all the way from Salta in the North to Rio Negro in the South. The Argentine wine making region is that big: 2000km from North to South, all along the “right” side of the Andes.

Please check out Anuva Wines website (www.anuvawines.com) for more information on the wines we carry, Argentina, the wine making regions, varietals (Malbec, Bonarda, Torrontés, etc), our wine club and more.

Thanks for reading!