Yesterday afternoon, we were joined by a lovely group of women from Syracuse, NY and Las Vegas, NV. Five jovial sisters, daughters, and friends who all joked and laughed and really dove into the wines we had in front of us. What better way to spend a hot Buenos Aires Tuesday?

We often get a wide array of tasters in here, spanning the spectrum from the curious novice to the more tested connoisseur. Yesterday’s group tended to skew to the latter, which was really great to hear their questions or hear their comments, like how the 2007 Naiara Malbec had hints of clove and vanilla. Or how one of the tasters really hit the nail on the head by saying that the Naiara was a great sipping wine on its own, but with a big steak in front of her, the 2004 Las Perdices Don Juan Reserve Blend would be perfect.

Couple of great quotes from the tasting:

“This is primo!”

“Chocolate?! I smell spare ribs.” (I think she was joking…)

Reader Trivia Question:

What is a hybrid grape?

Tori and Ashwin Cheersing to a Great Afternoon.

Tori and Ashwin Cheersing to a Great Afternoon.