Last night, as Daniel and Lourdes were off basking in the mild LA winter with the US Tasting Tour, those of us here in Buenos Aires were suffering through the balminess of the Argentine spring. What better way to do that than pop open a nice bottle of torrontés, one of the (not-too) surprising favorites at last night’s tasting, where were joined by a lovely family from Los Angeles. Two clinical psychologists and their daughter who is also studying psychology, the conversation ranged from the election last week to learning about the need to horde monedas for the buses, undoubtedly all framed around the diverse wines in front of us. Amongst the Durigutti 2006 Bonarda and the Naiara Reserva 2006 Malbec, the other resounding favorite was the Ikella 2006 Malbec, whose outward frutiness was the perfect complement to the dulce de membrillo (jellied quince) that accompanied the wines last evening. “It’s an explosion of flavor,” one voice exclaimed excitedly. “An explosion!”