My friend and I have recently made a pact get out of our ‘routine-riddled rut’, vowing that we are going to be more adventurous, get out there and see more of what Buenos Aires nightlife has to offer; bars, restaurants and those hardcore all-nighter clubs. There was no better time to start this gluttonous endeavour then a Tuesday night ‘ladies night’.

As Buenos Aires isn’t exactly known for being pumping on a Tuesday evening (to be fair, possibly one of the only nights where it’s not) we thought it was best to select a chilled out location that has been high on our ‘to do’ list for a while: La Cava Jeffrey, Alamcen de Vinos y Descorche on the crossroads Jufre and Julian Alvarez.

From the moment I clapped eyes on the quaint old-fashioned corner building with its large burgundy wooden door, I was in love. If I were a cartoon character, hearts would have exploded from my eye sockets. The doorway was flanked with two large windows giving us a sneak peak to what awaited on the inside. Two pretty Argentine women sat enveloped in excitable chatter on the small wooden table smoking and having what appeared to be an Argentina wine tasting …I swear, for one moment I could have been in Paris.

As a wine fanatic I could only describe La Cava Jufre vinoteca as the perfect Argentine wine zone as it is so much more than just a wine bar. It felt intimate, cosy, friendly and utterly relaxed. I pretty much melted into my traditional wooden chair while taking in the surroundings. A simple wooden bar is at the heart of the room, normally with the attentive owner, Lito, perched behind it (most likely involved in a deep philosophical chat with a punter), the stunning brick walls supported tall wine racks with an impressive assortment of bottles as well as soft Jazz playing in the background. Dreamy.

We quickly ordered a cheeses plate for two and then enquired to the whereabouts of the wine list…. the response was a point in the direction of a multilevel circular wine rack located near the door. We were like kids in sweet shop, squealing in delight at each new wine discovery; La Cava Jufre has a fabulous selection of small boutique wineries, just the kind of Argentine wine I like to explore, quaff and taste. I also really enjoyed the fact that I could personally handle and inspect each bottle rather than just blindly choosing a name from a long list of Argentine Wines with flowery description underneath. It was simplicity at it’s best!

We finally settled for Las Perdices Pinot Noir Reserva 2010 (more to come about this great young wine in the future), which was a lovely pairing for our generous portion of selected cheeses which included brie, fontina, smoked goats cheese, almonds, raisons and olives. The olives were slightly overpowering for the light bodied wine but the almonds and raison really brought out the characteristics of the wine beautifully…as did the cheese, of course!

The night dissolved and as the last drops of the Pinot Noir were poured we decided we hadn’t quite had enough, La Cava Jufre is just too damn comfortable. So we went back for seconds, this time Tapiz Cabernet-Merlot blend from 2008. As one might expect, this was rather a big contrast from our previous wine selection; this was big, bold and powerful versus the Pinots light, silky, smooth texture. It was a little bit too much for one night and only three little ladies to share (especially as both wines were 14%) so we decided to call it a night with over a half a bottle of wine left. Feeling disappointed at having to leave such a great wine unfinished, Lito put our minds to rest as the cork was promptly shoved back into the neck of the bottle and placed in a bag so we could take the rest to enjoy at home. Perfect. And that is literally how I felt about the whole experience. Perfect.