I have always loved movies. I am starting to love wine. It is not until recently that I began to recognize how involved one was in the other. Recently, when I returned home from a Buenos Aires wine tasting I sat down with a bottle of San Gigmnanio Malbec Roble 2010 and put on a consensus top ten movie for any American The Godfather. The movie is about the Italian mafia so one shouldn’t be surprised that there is a lot of wine in this movie. In the opening scene at the wedding of the Don’s daughter large pitchers of wine are being passed around. Wine is enjoyable, relaxed, and fun, lacking the pretentiousness that is sometimes assigned to wine.  With my interest peaked I decided to check out other movies that bring wine into the equation.

movies for wine lovers

In most movies wine is used at times of celebration. Whether it is the future realm of Star Trek or the ancient era of Lord of the Rings drinking fine wines during moments of celebration seem to transcend all types of genres. A part of argentine tourism that I have yet to explore yet is their film, but knowing how important the Malbec’s and Torrontes varietal wines are to Argentineans I expect the same could be said for argentine films.

There are some movies that an avid wine lover can indulge in that I can assume were made by wine obsessed directors. If you’re willing to watch a movie in black and white pick up Casblanca. Just about every scene involves one of the characters indulging themselves with Champagne, Cognac, and Brandy.Only a movie whose plot is about wine could have more wine than Casablanca. Luckily, Sideways is just that. Sideways is a movie about two wine lovers and their adventures throughout the California wine country. I myself haven’t seen Sideways but have heard that any wine lover would enjoy the movie. So next time you return from an Argentine wine tasting or other Argentine tourist attractions open a bottle of whichever wine you please and watch a movie about wine or any movie of your choice and try to find the wine it!