A horizontal wine tasting is a great way to train as well as test your palate and learn more about wine and different wine producers.  The main requirement of a horizontal wine tasting is that all of the wines come from the same year.   After you decide your vintage, you can experiment with other factors to create the experience you want from your horizontal wine tasting.

First you can choose to do a few varietals or just focus on one type of varietal.  If you do decide to do a few varietals that include both whites and reds make sure to do your whites first so as not to desensitize your palate.  Next you can decide if you want to have wines all from the same region or perhaps try different countries.  An interesting experiment would be to try for example a Cabernet Sauvignon from Italy, France, Argentina, and Chile and not only see which wine you prefer but how the different terroirs and growing styles of each country affect the same grape.  Another experiment we recommend at our wine tastings in Buenos Aires is to try a series of Argentine Malbec from the different regions of Mendoza.  Most people know that the Malbec is primarily grown in Mendoza but there are different sub regions in Mendoza such as Luján de Cuyo and Maipú and each region imparts subtle yet different characteristics on the wine.

One of the main points of a horizontal wine tasting is to compare wine producers and how they did in a given year but also with any wine tasting it is to find out what you like.  If you would do a series of horizontal tastings (not in the same day of course!) of the same varietal, you may eventually learn that you prefer that type of wine from a certain country or region or maybe even more specifically a certain producer because of its consistent quality from year to year.