Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I haven’t found the time or inspiration until now… My wife just found a new “obra social” for us as we might be “buscando un hijo” soon (that literally means “looking for a child” but directly means trying to get pregnant. What is astounding to me is what you get for 440 pesos per month (almost exactly 100 us dollars). Here are just some of the things on the list with Accord 310:

1. A hospital stay for an accompanying person in a private room for 4 days. This means that you are so sick or injured that you have to go to the hospital… and with NO additional charge, your significant other or parent or whoever can stay in a private room with you for up to 4 days. Wow.

2. Aesthetic surgery every 2 years. Nuff said.

3. A pair of glasses every year.

4. Home visits by doctors.

5. All exams and labs.

6. The first year of your baby’s life is included + all vaccinations + formula if necessary.

In other words Argentina is a country that believes in taking care of the health of its people. Now 440 pesos per month is a bit high for Argentina, but this equivalent plan would easily cost that same amount in dollars in the USA, which is not an equivalent trade.

60 days of interned psychiatric care’