Finally! Vindication! I have been saying for years that Torrontes (pronounced torr-ohn-TAYS) is a superior white wine at value price points (this would be 8-15 dollars in the USA). A blind wine tasting competition between torrontes, chardonnay, pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc was held to determine consumer perceptions of each varietal and their respective preferences. And Torrontes won!

This is fantastic news for the emblematic white wine of Argentina.

What the study also showed was how little people actually knew about the grape. Only 18% had ever heard of Torrontes while over 90% had heard of the other grape varietals.

I am hoping that this means a bright future for Torrontes in the world market. If only the organizations behind marketing Argentine wine to the outside world would do more studies like this! This is so great for publicity!