This wine is simply ridiculous.

We are going to start serving this wine in our tasting room in Buenos Aires on about November 1st of this year, but here is a sneak preview. This 100% Malbec wine is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and produced in limited quantities of about 10,000 bottles.

Why do I say this wine is ridiculous? First of all, for such a young reserve wine, it has a nose to die for. This is one of the most aromatic wines I have ever tried in my life (and I am including some 96 and 94 point Wine Spectator rated wines that I tried at a portfolio tasting in New York City last week). The highly rated California Cabernets have nothing on this wine in the bouquet category. There is an incredible abundance of ripe raspberry and plum with a floral quality as well. After breathing for 20-30 minutes, we progress into a light cigar aroma with some vanilla background and a touch of pepper.

The color at the moment is a bright violet and is quite brilliant.

In the mouth there is also a lot going on. Big fruit and bold flavor all the way around. Malbec is always associated with plum flavors and plum jam. This Malbec takes these plum flavors to another echelon. The super developed fruit flavors consist of raspberry jam, ripe red plum, and thorny blackberry on the attack. On the mid-palate we get some of the oak notes like cedar and toast. A nice full body with soft tannins make this wine quite easy drinking. Where I compare the fruit and the aroma of this wine with the highly rated California cabs I tried, the structure is much more feminine and soft. The California cabs had much more aggressive tannin and more masculine feel.

A really long finish on this wine gives a slight pepper flavor along with clove and cherry.

This big time winner is going to be a hot seller in November.