Of all alcoholic drinks in the world, wine is by far the oldest. The history of wine dates all the way back to between 8000 and 6000BC!  Anything that old has surely gone through various changes and stages of evolution. There is no doubt, therefore, that wine has come a long, long way with the evolution of man, culture, agriculture, industry, and technology. In terms of location, cultural and archaeological evidence points wine’s origins to the middle east and Europe, most specifically Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, and Egypt. Wine in this era became traditional and ceremonial, used in both serious and celebratory settings where people gathered on a regular basis.

Major marked evolution and progress in wine and winemaking occurred throughout the Roman Empire. New winemaking technologies came forth such as the wine press, and new cultivation, storage, and transportation techniques were introduced with new grape varieties and barrels. Up until this time the fundamental process of fermentation, which allows wine to exist had become considered sacred, holy, even spiritual. Legend has it that the alcohol created by yeast in the breaking down of grapes was originally considered a poison. Upon realizing its powerful effects on mind and psyche, kings widened its production base and availability in society, declaring it a staple drink for important events and ceremonies.

Following its expansion throughout Europe, wine in the last few centuries was more common in society throughout the South where grapes were actually grown. Northern regions tended to drink more beers and ales, although wine was imported at a hefty price. The famous phylloxera epidemic which destroyed vineyards across Europe provided a fundamental push into the Americas for the wine industry. Today’s global and technological world has wine culture and awareness more extensive and homogenized than ever. Argentina has become one of the key wine producing regions in the world located in the Americas. A wine tasting in Buenos Aires can yield some of the highest quality wines throughout the region and even across the world.