In yet another instance of how alcohol laws make no sense in the USA, there is a law that says that you cannot talk about the health benefits of wine on the wine label. Superficially this may seem like a good rule – people should drink in moderation and not over do it and if we tell them wine is healthy they they will surely binge on wine 24 hours a day and die of liver failure

The tremendously ironic part is that it is specifically the publicizing of wine’s health benefits – the so called “French Paradox” – that has lead to the near 20 years straight of growth in the wine industry in the USA, making it the single largest wine market in the world surpassing even France.

So 60 minutes, the TV show, in 1990 did a piece on the French Paradox. What it basically said was that despite the high fat diet that the French enjoy (le frommage anyone?), the French have a lower instance of heart disease mainly due to their consumption of red wine. So the irony is that the one single TV show that aired over 20 years ago was responsible for a massive and unprecedented increase in wine consumption, but those who actually produce and sell wine are not allowed to talk about the health benefits.

Can somebody please explain the logic to me?

Why can we not say that wine is healthy in moderation. The American Heart Association says that! There are even derivative drugs out there that supposedly concentrate the good parts in red wine for people who don’t like drinking it (yes that’s right).