Specifically, San Gimignano Cabernet Sauvignon (regular as we call it… not the Roble which is 12 months in oak) which is a stainless steel gem, was consumed by yours truly over the course of an asado preparation and termination yesterday. The preparation consisted of the building of the fire first. This is not hard, but one is not allowed to use lighter fluid in Argentina as is acceptable in the USA. Instead of crumpling paper, it is rolled into log like trunks so as to prolong burning time and increase temperature. These are then made into rings and the rings are overlapped so as to create air flow and air holes along the bottom.

About 1/2 glass of Cab for rolling the logs and 1/2 for the lighting and “oxygenation” of the fire process (my swimmer lungs come in handy for this).

Once the core temp of the fire is up, I then poured the 2nd glass of Cab. It absolutely blew me away for the price. I know I just wrote about it a few days ago, but that was because I had been *thinking* a lot about Cabernet and not necessarily consuming it. But yesterday… f*ck!… the San Gimmy (as we affectionately refer to it) was stellar. Really nice fruit with good structure, enough of a linger, and an ever so smooth finish. I have to say that the smooth finishes are really what characterize the San Gimignano wines.


On glass 2 is the meat preparation stage… Here we primarily have salting and cutting. Salting I like to do with “sal entrefina” which is not quite as big as rock salt but is certainly bigger than table salt. That is done on both sides of each cut and rubbed in for good measure. Cutting is done to fit large pieces to the grill and trim down especially thick pieces. We had a “lechón” yesterday, which is a really nice pork cut, and it was about 3 inches thick.

Place meat on grill.

Adjust “brasas“. Brasas is the Spanish word for lit coals. You only cook with brasas. You never cook with flame.

Once meat is placed, squeeze lemon over the pork cuts and select offal cuts (sweatbreads and chitlins primarily).

Then pour 3rd glass. Enjoy until meat is done (45-75 min).

Then eat meat with wine. Soooo goooood.