I have never been a fan of Cabernet that much. I think because I tried too much from Napa. Don’t get me wrong, there are great Cabs there, but they are so big and so oaky. I look for some refinement.
San Gimignano Cabernet 2010 has this. Its actually a fruit forward Cab. What a shocker! What a great price too… only 17.99. Check it out on www.anuvawines.com
Other great cabs out of Argentina…
If you are willing to spend some money, Carmelo Patti. If you want to go economic, Las Perdices. If you want a syrupy fruit bomb, La Madrid.

This kind of ends my list though. I find Cabs around the world to tend toward the under ripe, green pepper and other flavors in this category. This combined with the tendency for harsher tannin and I’m not sold. I think this is why I gravitated toward Argentine wine to begin with. When I first started wine tasting in Argentina a lot, it was the suppleness that got me. The ease of the Malbec.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of over oaked wines coming out of Mendoza as well. In fact, the trend might actually be in this direction unfortunately. For as Argentina, Mendoza and Malbec become more well known around the world, the marketing people who are involved in “helping” the wineries in Argentina get into the press and into the major world markets, are giving a message that is a little too common.

I wonder what true uniqueness is in wine? We have to have a discussion on terroir to go there. I was in Burgundy recently and terroir took on a whole new meaning. Ironically, without enough age on most of the wines there I only found a few gems (with my limited budget). The most incredible gem I found was actually a Creme de Cassis. Who knew.