It is the time of the year that the weather is starting to change.  You can read it on wine industry websites, as those in the Northern Hemisphere scramble to get ready for Harvest, and those in the South are just starting to think about it.  The opportunity to be a Cellar Hand is starting to pop up on in wine industry classified websites all over, as they try to nail down the temporary work force 6 months in advance.

This is great news for young wine enthusiasts.  A Cellar Hand position could give you enough money for food, lodging and transportation to any wine region in the world, and it is an opportunity that few tend to jump on, probably due to the long hours and 7 day weeks.  Wine is largely a story about where the grapes are grown, and the people that grow them, and being a Cellar Hand allows you to see that story first hand, and get paid for it.  Some websites that either have advertisements up, or will in the future are , , and