Pablo and Hector Durigutti did not always work together. The brothers took different tracks to arrive at Durigutti Winemakers (

Pablo is the lesser known brother, but has served on a number of projects, shipping him as far as Austria and Switzerland to advise high end wineries. Most famously he was in charge of all winery operation at Rutini and his experiences bring a New World style of wine making to this collaboration project with his brother.

Hector Durigutti has made a name for himself in the Argentina wine world by becoming one of the experts on the Malbec grape. To suggest that he has “rock-star status” would not be an understatement ( His illustrious career has had his hands in over 25 different projects, but the start of his rise was at Altos Las Hormigas. While his website claims that Hector brings an Old World style to the project, do not be fooled. His Malbec’s are not going to taste like a Cahors ( or ) and both share an “avant-garde philosophy”, which is by nature not in the Old World style. It is better to suggest that Hector has been involved in so many projects and his style has mimicked to the point that it seems like a traditional Malbec style.

As one would expect from the collaboration of two great winemakers, the resulting wines have been high quality, unique and delicious. As one would have not expected however, the results have been very affordable. The Durigutti Bonarda ( ) has medaled internationally, but it is also the first suggestion from owners of boutique wine stores in Buenos Aires when looking for a quality Bonarda. The Reserva Malbec ( )is exactly what you would expect from a Hector Durigutti influenced Malbec. It is a complex and unique expression of the varietal that can stand by itself, but also pairs well with a juicy steak, the 90 point rating from Wine Enthusiast is not a bad thing either.

Durigutti Winemakers has created some great wines, but since the winery is so new it has not gathered the customer base that the bigger names have already collected, and the corresponding price increase that comes with it. If you have not tried a Bonarda or a Durigutti Malbec wine yet I would highly suggest it.