Mr. Cavagnaro’s Reserve Malbec rarely shows it’s gorgeous body at our wine tastings in Buenos Aires but tonight was an exception. With stories of bird-shit bandits (no kidding–watch out for this scam if visiting Buenos Aires. Especially at Retiro bus terminal or any subte line. Our two guests tonight along with a good friend of mine have nearly been victims of this horrendous scam. A nice older lady will approach you and tell you you have some schmutz on your jacket or pants and offer to help brush it off. She will say its bird shit. This, or one of her partner’s in crime will actually throw a concoction of milk and birdseed on you and she will try to help brush it off. Then they will try to pick your pocket.) and bullshit in La Boca, I do believe our guests had anything but a shitty time sharing 6 bottles of wine with us.

Cheers to Mike, Howie and Bruce.