If you had less than 24 hour vacation in Buenos Aires what would you do? Our guests yesterday, Lauren and Joann flew down that morning from the states for a mini-escape. With a bit of luck the two saw open seats for Buenos Aires and jumped at the chance.

With their departure scheduled for 9 pm their time was short, and their goals were high. A whirl wind day of steak, shopping and wine was in the works. When they explained their itinerary I had to ask, were these condensed out of the country excursions a norm? Apparently yes. Joann works for United and every so often takes advantage of the flight vacancies. I became envious at the mention of a past weekend trip to Rome.

While in Buenos Aires for 10 hours, the two had lunch at the famous La Cabrera http://www.parrillalacabrera.com.ar/, a great choice for the ultimate Argentine experience. We were excited to share our wine with them and hear more of their stories. By 6:30 we had their taxi waiting and wished them a safe flight.