God has spoken. Consumer Reports finally got around to confirming the undeniable high quality and value of Argentina’s flagship grape, Malbec. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/food/beverages/wine/malbec-the-new-merlot-2-08/overview/malbec-the-new-merlot-ov.htm

I’ll admit I was slight confused by the reports title “Is Malbec the New Merlot?” No- Malbec will never be Merlot. What does that mean anyway?

Sure both varietals have the ability to be elegant and complex or casual and everyday. But Malbec is Argentina’s claim to fame with a charm all its own. Grapes grow well consistently here and make unqiue exciting wines. And it shows most wines sampled received high ratings.

But, with over a thousand wineries in Argentina someone is bound to cut corners and laugh all the way to the bank. For example a 2005 Cantena Zapata was rated “far from the top”. This big name winery dominates the wine scene and uses this leverage to mark high prices. Is there wine good? Most of the time. Is it priced fairly? No. So how can you be sure to get the best of the best bargain in town? Argentine wines are a great value, especially when it comes to boutique wineries. Carefully crafted limited production wines made with integrity can be excellent with surprisingly low prices.