This week we had the distinct pleasure of hosting 4 Changs for a wine tastings of Argentina’s best. It turns out, though, that they were two separate groups of two who happened to find us on the same day. How ironic.

Naturally all of our wines were Chang approved, especially the Don Juan Reserva by Perdices. We poured classic favorites from our collection and allowed our guests to choose from the selection opened earlier for an in-company tasting. A very expressive Sauvignon Blanc from Las Perdices could not have been more appropriate as Peter and his wife are building home in New Zealand. We were excited to show how well Argentina does New Zealands most popular variety.

The groups hit it off. Turns out all the Changs have a real flare for gourmet food. Conversation about the West Coast dining scene ate up most of the conversation as the groups shared stories about their time in Oregon and Washington. We ended the tasting with the Changs exchanging contact information and writing down Anuva’s own recommendations for several nearby restaurants.