It seems that the phenomenon of the shotgun approach to winemaking is not limited to California producers. Here in Argentina, we also find tremendous numbers of wineries dropping of or shipping Anuva samples of the 12 different varietals, 6 bi-varietals, and 6 blend 1st or 2nd vintage.

The suprising thing to me is how similar all the wines turn out to be. Medicinal Malbec, cough syrup Syrah and Cabernet, overly oaked Chardonnays, and none in the bunch actually speak to me.

It kills me to pour so much wine down the drain. Especially knowing how much effort and money goes into making each bottle, designing each label, selecting corks, driving the logistics process, etc.  But the reality is that I don’t even want to cook with these.

Several examples of new wineries, however, do exist that have a distinct focus. Naiara, Las Perdices, Cavagnaro, Vinos de los Andes all make either exclusively one varietal or only 3-5 different wines in total.

Las Perdices is actually an example of a winery that could do 18-30 different wines. Carlos Muñóz, the owner and winemaker there, has tanks of Tannat, Bonarda, Cab-Franc and other varietals just sitting there to play with in his blends. That to me says careful winemaking and well thought out products and thus it is rare that any of his samples ever get tossed down the drain.