Jan is Guy’s “Trouble in strife”. She has trouble with the “apples and pears” at times since she has arthritis. Right!

They hail from Winnipeg, Canada joined us for a wine tasting Thursday. They shared their plans to travel to Mendoza for a few days before taking a chauffer service through the Andes and into Chile. They had spent time in Bordeaux and enjoy learning about different wine regions. They recently became curious about Argentine wines.

Guy originally from central London shared a bit of Cockney slang. From within the sound of Bow Bells (St Mary-le-Bow Church in Cheapside, London) came this clever rhyming dialect. I was delighted to hear Daniel and our guests converse. They explained that Cockney originated in order to speak freely in the presence of police or authorities.

According to http://www.cockneyrhymingslang.co.uk “Rhyming Slang phrases are derived from taking an expression which rhymes with a word and then using that expression instead of the word. For example the word “look” rhymes with “butcher’s hook”. In many cases the rhyming word is omitted – so you won’t find too many Londoners having a “bucher’s hook” at this site, but you might find a few having a “butcher’s”.”

During the tasting we experimented with different simple pairings. Crisp green apples topped with “dollops” of light whipped cheese paired perfectly with the Hom espumante. While a triad of chocolates brought out the multiple personalities of the Gran Reserva; fruit, smoky, vanilla, creamy velvety perfection.

Conversation drifted from wine and inhibitions over political correctness dropped away. Guy and Jan shared with us how well they had been treated traveling through Argentina and how accommodating the airports had been to their needs. Guy jested proposing a fictitious business plan for time saving service called “rent a cripple”. We are pretty sure it would be quite controversial and politically incorrect although perhaps an enormously successful business.

After recommending one of our favorite pizza places we bid our guests farewell. While cleaning up Daniel and I noted what a great evening it had been. Anuva is true to the real intention of wine; to relate to others. We use our wine tastings to learn about wine and meeting wonderful people from every corner of the globe in an intimate relaxed setting.