A group of world-cruising Canadians cracked open some bottles with me Tuesday night in Buenos Aires. They will visit something like 24 ports in 49 days on a cruise that takes them from Miami all the way to San Francisco, the long way.

And man did they eat up the Torrontés! Being hot and muggy in Buenos Aires these days means that the cool refreshment of the honey-flower Torrontés really appeals to people.

The funny thing is that our lovely group from Canada kept wanting to say “Toronto” instead of Torrontés. We had a good time trying to put the accent on the right syllable.

I then helped them order healthy portions of steak and the wondrous El Primo Parrilla in Buenos Aires, one of my personal favorites for steak. They so loved the Torrontés on it’s own and with the traditional Argentine “picada” (salamis and cheeses) that one of them ordered another bottle with the steak.Very much in line with the Anuva philosophy on food combining. If it tastes good, do it!