As is in line with the Anuva philosophy on wine, a wonderful group of Belgian wine tasters joined us on Friday for a sampling of Argentina’s best bottlings and I confirmed my theory on the subjective nature of taste.

We tasted Hom Espumante, Anecon Torrontés, Naiara Malbec, Duriguttui Bonarda, and Las Perdices Don Juan. Wouldn’t you know it, the group was pretty equally divided among what their favorite wines were and accordingly, as their food came out, their preferences went about changing.

The first strong comment of the night came from a woman who said she would never want to drink the Naiara Malbec again. Being a merchant of this product on top of the fact that I am a fan, I was taken aback, but then relieved as the rest of the group came to my rescue. The other 6 tasters really liked the Naiara and an interesting discussion ensued over taste. Which led to a discussion of European wine, then Belgian beer.

Man do we need some more Belgian beer here! Does anyone disagree that it is the most tasty beer ever? Maybe my micro-brewer friends from Portland, Oregon…