Two lovely couples joined me on Wednesday for a sampling of 6 exquisite wines. I really got to thinking though, about the idea of renewable energy and how it relates to wine after the conversation over malbec, torrontés and bonarda turned to nuclear power as we had two nuclear engineers on our hands for the tasting.

As an aside, the word “isotope” and “uranium”, seldom used at wine tastings, did make some timely cameos at this fair event, uttered by yours truly, in a reach back into the long term memory banks from OChem and Physics in college. I’m glad that paid off!

In my humble estimation, wine gives energy to people through hope, enjoyment and the ever present “social lubricant” effects of alcohol. Wine, especially new wine that people have at a wine tasting for the first time, conveys a contagious excitment to the tasters and group and even those who do not consider themselves wine enthusiasts or connoisseurs become captivated by the mysteries of fermented grape juice. This certainly happened to me when I came to Buenos Aires in 2004 which prompted me to go to Mendoza immediately.

In addition, the direction that the wine industry in Argentina is going piques the interest of many. Production volumes, types of varietals and price points have been discussed at virtually every wine tasting. And thankfully, vines last at least one hundred years and keep producing better grapes as they age… another form of renewable energy.