Some sort of strange bond exists between people from Portland, Seattle, or Vancouver BC or pretty much anywhere in between along I-5. Last night I had 5 wonderful wine tasters from Seattle who ventured into the land of Pinot Noir from Argentina, Bonarda, Malbec blends, and of course, THE crowd pleaser, Hom Sparkling White wine. I assure the faithful out there, that as we speak, another half pallet of that stuff is getting loaded onto trucks very soon.

I mention the treehugger aspect because the first bit of our conversation revolved around organic wines and their merits. We do carry an organic merlot, appropriately called Occhioverde, which in Italian means “green eye”, but this is the only organic wine from Argentina that I have ever tasted that has come close to being worthy of club status. Just by the way, there could be an argument made, that since the winemaking region in Argentina is so arid, and thus naturally free of pests, molds and fungus, that the wines here are virtually organic anyway since vintners have much less need to spray. I reiterate, the argument could be made.

After regailing my guests with tales of how our logistics system works, and even making a flow chart for them, I escorted them down the street to one of my favorite parrilla restaurants, El Primo. The only thing that El Primo lacks, I think, is a complete and thorough wine list. The owner assures me that they will soon be carrying one of my favorite nationally (in the U.S.) distributed Argentine Malbecs called Ikella from Bodegas Melipal. As if not having this would deter me from devouring exorbitant amounts of of their luscious carne.