Last night, we were joined by a great couple on vacation from LA. Finding us in TimeOut, they have been touring the town, visiting old traditional homes, walking the streets of the various neighborhoods, and making sure to experience the great carne and vino that this town is so famous for.

The evening started off with the Hom Espumante, which was a “pleasant” start to the tasting, and then we jumped into the B52 Torrontés, which people liked for its smoothness, a product of its La Rioja roots as opposed to more typical Salteño variety. After moving to the reds and starting with a young Malbec from Naiara, the next stand-out was the Palo Alto Pinot Noir, whose strawberry-frutiness is a great complement to the more earthy varietal.

Amidst talking about the cultural differences of life back home, the social life here, what we miss most about the US (proper Mexican food!), and even realizing we had a friend in common back in the US, the evening ended with the Cavagnaro Reserve Malbec. A great wine with a great story behind it, it seemed like a wonderful way to wrap a fun, Sunday night tasting.