Yesterday afternoon we had a great tasting with a larger group over at El Estanciero in Las Cañitas. It was a group of 13 undergrad and graduate students from around the world who are a part of an international honors exchange program. One of them actually is a trained sommelier from China who worked for a company that, amongst others, imported Argentine wines. Small world huh?

They were just finishing up after many seeming grueling weeks, studying in India, South Africa, and finally here Argentina. Cheersing to who was the group leader that day or how they were going to incorporate old 90’s pop songs into their final presentations, it seemed like they had been through a lot together, and the tasting yesterday was the culmination of it all.

The torrontés was the big hit of the afternoon, which was a new varietal to many of the tasters there. Regardless, they were able to pick out the floral frutiness of its nose (“I smell chrysanthemum,” I heard one remark), and its lightness and smooth finish was a great complement to the sunny, Buenos Aires afternoon.

PS, watch out for pictures of the afternoon up on here soon, as well as on our Facebook group!