“Hark, a bevy of beautiful maidens!” exclaims Frederic, the hero of Pirates of Penzance (I played this role in my 8th grade musical). And so we were accompanied by 3 lovely tango dancing ladies from Wisconsin who felt a need to taste great wine during their visit to Argentina. They found us through the recent Time Out Magazine article on us.

Since the wine tasting was in the early afternoon, I thought our guests should at least deserve the option of spitting the wine, which is perfectly acceptable wine tasting practice as professionals will taste many wines back to back over several hours and lose sensory perception if they consume the wine. I was nearly laughed out of the room for making the suggestion.

No matter, the subject of tango dancing and Argentine food and nightlife quickly switched to other forms of dancing and then actually to psychology, Jung and Myers-Briggs at one point. Fantastically interesting.

We had some clear favorites in this afternoon wine tasting. Not a surprise was Hom Sparkling and Don Juan Reserve, both from the Mendoza region of Argentina. Everyone left happily with bottles and is eager for us to start shipping to Wisconsin.

Thanks Ladies!