It was my pleasure to host two lovely ladies from New York, one of who won a free trip to Buenos Aires courtesy of her company. We led these two through a classic tasting of Hom Sparkling, Anecon Torrontés, Naiara Malbec, and Las Perdices Don Juan.

As always, the subject of conversation shifted from wine to other issues, after we signed one of them up for the club, and agreed on their favorites for the night.

Topic 1: Shopping in Buenos Aires. It is unfortunate to me, that most of the 5 star hotels will recommed calle Florida for shopping. While it does have many many stores, they are all overpriced and really only exist for tourists. I sent them to the leather district and several “ferias” to find better deals and more locally produced good.

Topic 2: Pizza. It is a little known fact that Argentina has excellent pizza due to the tremendous Italian influence here. Fortunately, Alan of Buenos Aires Walking Tours ( had already pointed them in the direction of one of my favorite pizza places, Morelia, which is right around the corner from us. If visiting Buenos Aires, you should also check out Los Inmortales and La Mezzetta. Try the “fugazzetta rellena” at all of those places.

Topic 3: The financial crisis. How will this affect the U.S., Argentina, and the world economy? Who knows. This is why we have wine. So we can drink a great tasting, interesting, stimulating beverage and feel better about ourselves and the world (as evidenced by the fact that alcohol sales rarely drop during times of financial crisis).