A lovely couple from my hometown of Portland, OR came over last night to our office here in Buenos Aires and we had a blast. The evening even got emotional toward the end as the lovely Gloria expressed how deep her love for her children was. I attempted to make the argument that my love of wine had to be on the same level, but she would have none of it. I can’t imagine why.

Gloria and her husband Mike were especially impressed by our Anecon Torrontés. Not being lovers of Chardonnay (I explained to them the “ABC” rule last night–Anything But Chardonnay), they loved the strong flowery-sweet aroma of Anecon couple with its elegance and dryness in the mouth.

They are now going to tour through Mendoza and the lake region of Argentina (Bariloche) and Chile as well before returning to the U.S. What a great trip.