Wow! Yum! I’m about to die from such a savory flavor incursion on my palate. Ok, maybe that’s overstating, but we had a group come over last night specifically drink Mudai Pinot Noir, Anecon Torrontés and eat vegetarian red Thai Curry (that we made ourselves). Kind of a unique combination of wine and food for Buenos Aires, but we need variation from beef and Malbec at times. So we had some friends over to taste our homemade curry concoction combined with Mudai.

We started off, however, with Anecon to ease into the evening and actually served the curry while some people still had this wine in their glass. I thought that the aromatic qualities of the wine might compete nicely with the strong curry aromas. Especially the sweet coconut milk and the tropical fruit of the wine.

We then switched to Mudai. Here the earthiness of both items really compliment one another. Also, the Pinot Noir in general isn’t so heavy a red that it overpowers a lighter dish like vegetarian curry. Mudai has a pronounced earthiness, tree bark and red fruit quality to it with just a hint of spice. I nearly couldnt stop myself from going for thirds on wine and food.