Lidia, Leyla and Ed graced the Anuva office with their presence tonight for a lovely evening of wine learning, wine appreciation and, of course, witty banter. My philosophy has always been that wine is something to be talked about and also must be talked over. And that’s what we did…

About wine warmed the room enough to the point where over wine created an intimate chemistry. We began with several “how to’s” and a couple more tidbits of information, and we progressed into a discussion of University, Humanities and Kubrick over lovely, lovely Naiara Malbec, Anecon TorrontĂ©s, Hom Sparkling, and other gems.

Sean Connery and other lesser known British and Scottish speaking actors may or may not have made appearances during the evening. We heard their voices, but could not confirm nor disconfirm their presence.

Almost 3 hours went by before we noticed the time and I had to send them off to enjoy copious amounts of beef at El Pobre Luis, one of my favorites for asado.