It seems like a buzz is starting to generate, when groups of 27 random people contact you via internet search and decided to come taste wine with you in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Somehow, the coordinator of this massive group, all doing a “get to know you” excursion through Buenos Aires, Bariloche and perhaps a couple of other stops in Argentina, found Anuva and decided that this was the wine tasting to go with it.

We started with Hom Espumante, which everyone seemed to love, the followed with Anecon Torrontés which surprised and enchanted with its very aromatic nose. Then we moved on to a young Malbec named Ikella–a fruit bomb. Then a full Cabernet. And we finished with the luscious Don Juan Reserve. Everyone commented on the “wow” of Don Juan and after explaining the differences in why a reserve wine is called reserve and the differences in the winemaking practices between making “classic” wines and “reserve” wines, people understood why.

The group was very inquisitive about styles of wine and food combining “rules”. We went over some of the basics, some more advanced ideas, but I pretty much left them alone to drink and get to know each other. That was the whole point of their trip.

And what better way to get to know people than over Malbec, picada and 20% off dinner?