New York meets Chinese-American meets Indian meets Colombian. Perhaps even more subgenres of nationalities and ethnicities came together last night in my humble abode to share gorgeous Malbec, Pinot Noir, Bonarda, Torrontés, Malbec blend, Sparkling White, and yes, another Malbec.

I was a bit caught off guard with an enthusiastic early arrival, but the group meshed extremely well and showed a very high level of curiosity about wine. I personally remained impressed about the ability of people to come together and share over bottles, glasses and picada.

The selections of the evening were all from the Anuva wine club with various people identifying various favorites. New York went with Mayol Bonarda, Indian-English went with Naiara Malbec, our lovely facilitator of the evening went with Naiara Malbec Reserve, but I think that the overall crowd favorites had to be the Hom Espumante and the Don Juan Reserve Malbec blend.

This was actually the second time that the lovely facilitator came to taste wine with me! How fantastic is that?!

She leaves on Sunday otherwise I would consider hiring her. Hint, hint.