One of the greatest things about wine, is that wine is meant to be shared. Whether it’s a young malbec, oaked chardonnay, bold bonarda or blend, 750mL means that groups of people can share. And if you’re not sharing, then it might be time to find a 12 step program.

Last night we shared some great wines. But more important than Cavagnaro’s Malbec and its old-world style, or the ever so full Naiara Reserve Malbec, was the sharing of stories.

Two Americans, a French girl, a Nigerian man, a Canadian and, yes, a native Argentinean were in attendence and the sharing was plentiful. Fascinating to me, the only person who ALWAYS attends Anuva’s wine tastings, is how the night’s conversation inevitable centers around wine and pleasantries until a “certain amount” of wine has been metabolized, lubricating the conversation to allow for a more free-flowing discussion of international politics, economics and yes religion.

Analogies such as Americans are to Canadians as Argentines are to Uruguayans got big laughs. But I imagine that would only be funny to people who have lived in Argentina and the U.S.

Also, how is wine consumed in Nigeria, one person asked? Evidently, the same as everywhere else.

They drink it.