In Buenos Aires, Argentina, wine tastings are hard to come by. How ironic… In Argentina, a country where so much great wine (malbec, torrontés, malbec, bonarda and did I mention malbec?) is made, how could it be so hard to find a quality wine tasting in Buenos Aires?

We, Anuva Vinos, are making it our mission to bring premium quality wine tastings to the tourists and general public of Buenos Aires.

Our case and point, and the origin of this blog, comes from last night’s tasting with 3 Americans who are on summer internships from Harvard Law School. Each commented on how difficult it was to find a wine tasting in Buenos Aires. After many searches, phone calls and rejections, they finally found Anuva Vinos, ostensibly the only company doing premium wine tastings in Buenos Aires.

These gentlemen, who I hope will comment on this blog, mentioned that other wine tastings offered in Buenos Aires can cost as much as 500 pesos (nearly 200 US dollars). We charge 65 (20 USD). They were ecstatic about this.

They were also ecstatic about the fact that I, an American, would be conducting the tasting as then there would be no confusion of language. This, I hope was the case because wine-speak can sometimes be tricky.

We learned all about terroir, Argentine terroir, the different varietals grown in Argentina, Anuva Vinos wine club in the U.S., the steps to tasting wine, and why there are no tasting bars in Buenos Aires.

For others of you who may be yearning to taste great wine from Argentina while in Buenos Aires and who don’t have the time or money to make to Mendoza (which is pretty much the capital for wine in Argentina), we are here for you, and we hope that we hear from you soon.

More to come…